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On Into the North Country

Pamela travel group

[APRIL 1973] After some too many months working to get back out on the road, I met some skiers who were climbers and mountaineers, readying themselves to journey up to Alaska to do some climbing in the Denali region, known as McKinley National Park. Although I was still very much …

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Modern Love: An Angeleno’s Alpine Affair

NomadicNico shoes

I spend Monday through Friday land-locked between the 101 and the 10. At the strike of 2:45 beckoning the weekend – my mind races straight to her. She spends the week baiting me with her forecast, promising frozen precipitation, bluebird skies, and a chai latte upon my arrival. No matter …

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Observing Los Angeles

Griffith Observatory at night

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, La La Land…this sprawling, infamous metropolis illuminates the dreams of so many around the world. Aspiring filmmakers dream of one day working in the mythical (and hot, dusty) land of Burbank. Surfers flock to the breaks off the Malibu coastline, star-spotters peer through long …

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