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First Timer’s Guide to Oktoberfest

by Alex from The Wayward Walrus “How to Oktoberfest Like You Know What You’re Doing” So how did the largest beer festival in the world, bringing over 6 million people to Munich annually, get it’s start? Let’s take it back to the year 1810. Bavaria’s Crown Prince, soon to be …

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10 Greek Words to Learn Before You Go

I slipped and fell in love with Greece over the summer. On a 21-day archaeological expedition in a tiny archipelago of the north Aegean, the Korseai team and I discovered more than 8 new ancient shipwrecks which we located and documented… I found myself head over heels in love with a …

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5 Ideas to Beat the ‘Being Back Blues’

Have you ever had a debilitating case of post-adventure come-down, departure depression, or as I’ve started calling it, the “Being Back Blues”? I got back from an amazing trip to Guatemala a few days ago and thanks to a dodgy helping of aeroplane grub I’ve been in bed ever since …

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