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Curaçao’s Curious Hato Caves

When you land on the idyllic Caribbean island of Curaçao, try to tear your eyes from the blissful blue water and look up across the road into the land that stretches towards the sky on the other side. Hidden in those rocky hills is one of Curaçao’s most fascinating attractions …

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That Time I Ate Scorpions in Beijing

Let me start by saying that I love animals, all animals. I’ve even licked a slug to show my summer camp-mates how much I appreciated the little slime-ers, and I tend to make fast friends with just about any furry, scaly, fuzzy thing I meet. I even like scorpions. In …

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Reflecting on The Rails

Image credit: Samuel Borenstein As I was writing my earlier post about train travel, with the deep and lasting influence it holds over me to this day, I began to have flashbacks of my opportunity to choose trains rather than cars or airplanes over the decades. As I pondered, I …

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