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The Ultimate Oaxaca Travel Guide

Mexico is a vast and incredible country so it can be hard to know where to start when planning a trip “south of the border” as they say in the USA. I had the chance to visit the beautiful Mexican state of Oaxaca thanks to a cave exploration trip to …

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When going home gives you a headache….

Originally published on When going home gives you a headache. I caught up with a former colleague recently. We haven’t seen each other in close to 7yrs which was weird to discover. In the manner of these things, we spent some time just filling each other in on lives …

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First Timer’s Guide to Oktoberfest

by Alex from The Wayward Walrus “How to Oktoberfest Like You Know What You’re Doing” So how did the largest beer festival in the world, bringing over 6 million people to Munich annually, get it’s start? Let’s take it back to the year 1810. Bavaria’s Crown Prince, soon to be …

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