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Everything You Need to Know to Visit Boracay

Ever heard of Boracay? If not, you’ll be kicking yourself (and booking tickets) in about 5 minutes once you’ve finished reading this post. Nestled in amongst the Philippines 3,000+ islands Boracay is 10.32 square kilometres of beachside bliss and home to about 15,000 people, give or take the constant stream …

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Canel Sweets Shop in Nice, France

When the Comte de Renynaud eats himself into a coma of illegal indulgences in Juliet Binoche’s window of coverture in ‘Chocolat’ all of us choco-holics sweet teeth skipped a beat and we tried to book tickets to France on our mobile phones. Since that scene I’ve nurtured a little dream …

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Chateau D’If

I’ve never been one for ‘tourist destinations’ however I completely understand and enjoy visiting them when their history or significance has earned them such status. And outside of the enormous French city Marseille sits Château d’If, constructed by King Francis the 1st between 1524 and 1531 the menacing mound of …

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