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So You Think You Wanna Freedive?

Basically, Free-diving is breath holding. Type the term into Google and you receive a relatively broad spectrum of searches – “The Zen of Free-diving”, “Getting Started” and free-diving associations from around the world. Most of which discuss the same sorts of things pertaining to the They key to free-diving is …

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Charming Cinque Terra

Why build a village into the steep slope of a hill on the Mediterranean Sea? I have no idea but I’m sure glad the Italians did. In fact they built five of them, all lined up to the south of Genova, now termed ‘Cinque Terra’ or ‘Five Terraces’. On the …

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The Cave of the Kastom Shark

Some people fear dark water, others tremble at the thought of confined spaces. For me the thought of combining the two and topping it off by strapping scuba gear to my back is horrendous…ly appealing. My first cave experience came about after a tall-tale of a far off cave in …

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